jueves, 28 de abril de 2011

Hella Cool

What's the upside of having to wake up at 4am to keep packing? Because of time zone weirdness, there's NHL hockey to listen to in Vancouver. Okay, i can sleep a bit then final pack and clean, then good bye PRC! I have one last album to listen to from the play list and then we are over the five hour mark. It was inevitable.

Like a rolling stone

-Bob Dylan


2 minutes left in the game. I sit in bed in the half light.

Vancouver 1, Nashville 0 - Final. I like the Canucks. I'm thinking it could be a Canucks - Caps Stanley cup final. That would be awesome. Hell of a lot of travel for the teams, though.


Last night in hell. Goodnight Satan.
That's 2 hells in two sentences. Three times a charm.


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