miércoles, 13 de abril de 2011

3 good things

See i've been tried and convicted it's winner take all
i wanna run for my money,
that's all

-Van Halen

1. I walked into J&J's at 22:15 to a bar PACKED with women. Woo hoo! Sometimes life rocks. We had a great time. Bender Tuesday has become a phenom of sorts. Shame i can't seem to invent anything that makes me a lot of money. Oh well. I am what i am.

2. Bayside was there. She is back with Jesus

Nobody fucks with the Jesus!
-The Big Lebowski

I told her i was glad. "Really, i'm surprised," she said.

Now I never said anything to her but everyone's general opinion is that Jesus is a little douche. Instead i said, "Hey, sometimes you just love who you love." I told her that our time together was great but that we really weren't a match. But it was a really fun five weeks. She gave me a big hug.

So, Praise Jah, that drama is put to rest.

3. Sue sent me an email saying that Annie loves the CCR disc i sent her (Chronicle Vol. 1). And she loves Romeo and Juliet off of Making Movies. I knew she'd dig the CCR. What 4 year old doesn't love some good foot stompin' swamp rock? Then Sue said her exact words were "Jay's so sweet. I really love him." She is awesome. I love Little Annikins (Skywalker.)

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