lunes, 18 de abril de 2011



This Met's losing streak has been endless. And hopeless looking. They need help. All over. And luckless.

Me too. My fantasy team, Madrid Dead Bulls is getting crushed this week. By an 11 year old with the initials CHT.

Well, tomorrow is another day. I'll hit the ground flat searching


Looked for flats. Nothing very promising. The Caps lost to the Rangers but it was a great game. And Los Mets finally won with a guy named Glee pitching. Or Gee. I forget.

4 hours tomorrow. It's Semana Santa so everything flees Madrid. I'll work a very light sched til Mirecoles. Maybe 11 hours in all.


I laid low all weekend. That was nice.

Only two hours today. 5 tomorrow. 2 Miercoles. Then that's it for the week and a FULL timetable staring next Lunes. The flat i saw today was horrible. Back to the drawing board. I'll have time after tomorrow.

Time goes by. Everything changes. Nothing changes.

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