sábado, 2 de abril de 2011



Notre Dame? Neo - Dickhead? Not Dead? Nouveau Douche?

No. It's so much worse. North Dakota.

Yahoo, that most credible of sources, claims that the best place to live in the USA is North Dakota because they have a budget surplus. To this i can only say; suck my balls.

they got supercollider in Geneva

so big that it reaches into France
you know a supercollider shoots particles

so scientists can watch them dance

Ashley called me and asked me to go to her Mad Hatter party - you had to where a hat. So i went. i saw Katrina and Bayside as well. It was fun. Bayside is a Whack-a-Mole. As sure as eggs is eggs.

Now to watch UConn Cornelius and see if they can beat Kentucky. Kentucky is a very good team. I guess Butler is this year too. Kentucky dismantled Ohio State. It's 2:36 here in Madrid. Show the game already! Stupid CBS.

Butler is in Indiana? I hate that fucking state too. John Cougar MellenSuck.

Such a pale light Such a long night Pick up that key Don't drop your gaze in your coffee Is it me? Do I look beautiful in the half light? -Porcupine Tree

The album Soup by Stick Men (Tony Levin: stick, Michael Bernier: stick, Pat Mastelotto:drums) is outrageous. Listen to this madness;


Vamos UConn! I've already seen the NY Football Giants win their third Super Bowl from Madrid. Why not National Championship number 3 for UConn? They were turning the ball over a lot but now they are on a 8-0 run.

21-14 UConn

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