domingo, 3 de abril de 2011

weekend's end

Thank you American Laura!
1) For giving me that sweet HP printer when you moved in with Tim. Being able to print from home instead of waiting a half hour to make copies at locutorio has changed my life.
2) For bringing me back some Axe deodorant (deodorant is only roll-on here, like it's the 70's) after your conference in Washington DC. Now i don't have to wallow in my own stink.

Surprising: Certifiable, The live Police album from Buenos Aires from their recent reunion tour is surprisingly good. I saw that at the AMNESTY show in 1986 and were not very good and looked like they wanted to murder each other. I also have never considered them a very good live band. But this concert has them clicking on all cylinders.

UCONN won! That was a crazy game. I don't think i'll be able to watch the final. It starts at 3:30AM.

If i'm sane then how scary is crazy?


Going to watch the Mets. Hooray! Dickey on the mound. Baseball is so sweet.

oo:45 RA Dickey mowed down the Marlins. Awesome.

I just saw The Wrestler, also an Aronofsky film. It was awesome. Mickey Rourke was great. The camera angles were fantastic too.

Lessons are prepped and printed. Cooked pasta.

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