sábado, 30 de abril de 2011

It was a new day yesterday

Well I wanna see you soon,
But I wonder how yeah.
It’s a new day yesterday,

But it’s an old day now.
-Joe Bonamassa


i am moved in. Well, my stuff if here at the very least. And a long weekend cuz Monday is "Dohs!" de Mayo. Viva la Republica de Espana. I guess it's a Kingdon (Kingdom) as well. Kings are stupid. Speaking of which- no i did not watch the Royal wedding. We threw off King George. That's what the VA state flag depicts.
"Thus always to tyrants." King George's crown is on the ground and he's got a foot on his chest. Take that Moth Fluffer!

Listening to the smooth sounds of The California Guitar Trio with Pat Mastelotto and Tony Levin. Great stuff. I slept til 15:00! I was out til like six with Amanda. We met at JJ's for the quiz with Carla and Asun. It was fun. We wound up at her place playing guitar hero. Fucking impossible game. Nothing like actually playing music. Frankly, i don't see the appeal.

I had slept maybe six hours , in 3 hour shifts the night before. The movers cam late. I was moved in by 16:00. Danny showed me the essentials before he boogied off to Barca for the weekend. I showered, ran to Alcala Fusion for lunch and then went to class! There were only three of them and i was exhausted so i let them go at 20:30. You can only do so much when there's three people. I taught this article; the gals loved it. It has a lot of important things to say about a woman's ability to control her body and the number of children she has, as well as getting a proper education.

Jane says "have you seen my wig around?
I feel naked without it
-Jane's Addiction


I have to go buy so food. And then eat it. It's the first day of the rest of my life.

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