miércoles, 27 de abril de 2011

Adios Infierno! / Dohs! de Mayo

Game 7 - Habs and Bruins. If Montreal wins, they play the Caps.

Then game 7 of Tampa and Pitt. If Boston wins then the winner plays Washington.

Just got home an hour ago. Worked til 22:00. So i'll watch this, fall asleep and then work manana por la manana (tomorrow in the morning).

I teach 8.5 hours manana ( a new record). Then pack and move Fri Morning. Then teach that night.

I kind of never stop. Like most all of us, i guess. Life moves at a quick step. With alacrity.

So another thing i've taught this week is an article;
Man Thanks Dog for Eating His Toe. Last August this guy woke up with four toes. His dog had chewed it off. It was infected and his dog chomped it off. He was drunk as a lemur when he went to bed. The dog amputated it for him. I think i saw an episode like that on M*A*S*H*. I think Hawkeye chewed off Frank's gangrene toe after a bender. Or that's how i remember it. But the doctors at emergency also discovered he had diabetes. So he thanks his dog.

I give up. I'm going back to my home plant. This planet sucks. I miss Tralfamadore.

Monday is a holiday, so i can rest up and settle in. It's Dos De Mayo (when Madrid celebrates the begging of the uprising against Napoleon rule in 1808.

I have the flat to myself so i may have a "D'ohs!" de Mayo Party.

2-1 Boston.


Boston won. So did Tampa, so the Caps play The Tampa Bay Lightning. They are a team i would have rather avoided.

you can't always get what you want
-Rolling Stones

Don't i fucking know it! Stabile's two teams are the Rangers and the Lightning (proximity). SO this is round 2 for us.

It's 22:53. The movers will be here in 14 glorious hours. I couldn't sleep last night, worked late and then stress maybe, but now i have all this packing to do. At least the Peruvian refugees will be in bed soon and i can throw shit in the living room. They have no idea i am going. I'll be like Keyser Söze and just poof, disappear. Black ops. No trace. No name. No number. Just an echo in the wind. So, i am probably in for a long night. I just got home after a record 8.5 hours of class. I am a machine.

I just wrote an impassioned letter to the Ayudiamiento of Madrid (government) stating that because of the way they multiply uncontrollably, that you should be able to hunt Peruvians 'in season' to thin out their numbers. Like deer or kangaroos. It seems the environmentally responsible thing to do. Guns are hard to come by in Spain but i have a very sharp knife.

Music to say goodbye to hell by
Permanent Waves - Rush
Fair Warning - Van Haleny
Soup - Stickmen
Greatest Hits - Tom Petty
Anesthetize - Porcupine Tree
Animals - Pink Floyd

That's 5 hours of music. I hope it doesn't take longer than that. I hate long good-byes.

Get Cracking, Get Packing!


Some minor headway made. Lots to do. I could use an indentured servant. Why can't i find one? WHY?

I am tired. I only slept 3 hours last night. I had a load of stress nightmares the night before. Bleak.

Fuck you! Is that all you got? Bring it bitch!

Ah, mood swings. I love being a Gemini! Both of me. There's nothing like it.

Now i can't feel my toes. That means i am exhausted.

You must have heard the cautionary tales
The dangers hidden on the cul-de-sac trails
From wiser men who have been through it all
And the ghosts of failures spray-canned up on the wall
We've got to judge the judge
Got to find the finds
We've got to scheme the schemes
Have to line the lines

-Pete Townshend

left foot

right foot


left pack

right pack

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