miércoles, 27 de abril de 2011

The Earth is Flat

Or at least i found one! I am staying my hood and moving into a very nice flat with a ginormous patio (Barbecue!). The guy's name in Danny, he's Spanish and American. I move in on Friday. Praise Jah! Good bye PRC! Rot in hell you uneducated maggots. There are never less than 6 people in the living room. And none of them work. I have to almost break the door down to get into the shower before work. I have been late to work the past two days because of the Peruvian Refugees. But it's all over in 36 hours! My parting gift will be vodka on the floor and a match (temporary insanity!).

Hands, show me your hands
Show me the singular shape that your fingers make
when they are held out to be kissed
or curled in a fist
-Stick Men

I've been teaching the lyrics to Stick Men's Soup this week. A progressive rock masterpiece about how a supercollider (particle accelerator) could conceivably turn us all into a cup of primordial soup. I love geek music! The students all laugh.

Barca beat Real Madrid in the first leg of the Champions League Finals. I hate them both but hate Barca more.

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