miércoles, 6 de abril de 2011

Bender Tuesday VI

I had to work at the Uni last night - we sometimes have class twice a week now. Is not even Bender Tuesday sacred? Only three students showed up (and late) so we just had a 2 hour class. Then it was off to Bender Tuesday. Real Madrid was playing in the Champions League so it was mostly just Goran, Karla and i. It was great. Relaxed and fun. Then Amanda came by. Then we went til Vicente's bar, where he is always trying to event new drinks. He's like a mad scientist bartender. Then home and sleep. And now a full slate of classes starting at 14:00.

So, UConn has won another championship! It'll be interesting to see how the sanctions the NCAA leveled against them for recruiting violations will affect them in the future. And the Mets handed the Phillies their first loss of the season. Boo Yeah!

Time to do scour myself and then off to work.



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