domingo, 1 de mayo de 2011

Welcome to Me


Great NY Times article-

The High Cost of Low Teacher's Salaries;

i guess i am a teacher now. Almost 5 years. Yeah. I should think so. Looks like we're kind of boned.

think of the children!
-Helen Lovejoy, the Simpsons


A few folks are on their way.

Okay, so a few folks are coming over for House Warming / "D'ohs!" de Mayo. Party. It's sunny and 17C. That's like 63F. I guessed 61. I'm getting good at this. Kevin taught me a math way to at least get an idea, but i always forget it. I think i have a lot of it memorized. 85F = 29.5C. Stuff like that.

Thanks to Mum for helping me navigate this whole mess of the past 4 months. The support is completely appreciated!

But it's over now. I am free of such madness!

Kick Ass!

It's 14:26.

Shower, eat, put some of my crap away. Sit outside with a few friends.


great time. Mum called around 18:00 and then people started showing up. It was Ashley, Sarah, Amanda, her friend Evona and me. So all chicks and me. Nice party.

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