domingo, 15 de mayo de 2011


Jedward, Ireland's entry

“You know that it never has been easy
Whether you do or do not resign
Whether you travel the breadth of the extremities
Or stick to some straighter line.
-Joni Mitchell

Prognostication: Okay, after not watching hockey all year, i have seen a bit of the playoffs. So here are my predictions for how it's going to end;

Tampa Bay over Boston in 6, Vancouver over San Jose in 6

Tampa Bay over Vancouver 7 (after a hell of a lot of air miles!) But i'd like to see Vancouver win it all.

Nice weekend. Laura came over for a BBQ (hamburgers with cheddar.) Getting settled. Danny is New York so i am on my own.

Azerbaijan won EuroVision. The party was great. I drew France. They were horrible. The whole competition is cheese ball. Everyone watches every year. It's like Europe's Super Bowl. Except that it sucks every year.

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