miércoles, 11 de mayo de 2011


8 hours manana. Then 7 on Friday. Crazy. Just keep swimming, keep swimming.

“Five days shalt thou labour, as the Bible says. The seventh day is the Lord thy God’s. The sixth day is for football.” - Anthony Burgess

All of Europe is playing week day games to finish up the season. Barcelona won the Spanish Liga tonight. Whoors!

Atletico may well have blown their chance for a spot in Europe last night. They lost to Racing. If they don't finish in the top six, they'll miss out on the Europa League. That would suck. They've played in Europe the past three or 4 years, last year winning the Europa League Trophy (after not making the cut to the knockout round of the Champions League.)

It's getting warmer. 80's past few days. I can't believe it'll be summer soon.

There was an earthquake near Murcia today (southeast on the Med. Sea.) 8 people died! We NEVER have earthquakes in Spain. Mum called cuz she first heard it as Madrid, or it was misreported wherever she heard it. So sad. But i'm fine. It was like 7 hours away from us. First lethal quake since 1969 or something like that.

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