sábado, 14 de mayo de 2011

dark days for Europe

Because of the Economy? Because Spain is broke? Because the EU had to pull Greece's bacon out of the fire? Because the EU just finalized a 78b Euro bailout for Portugal? Because Ireland is leaking like a fiscal sieve? Because several countries are contemplating leaving the Union and getting back their own currency back so that it can devalue and ease domestic financial strife?

Yes. And no. Actually i am talking about EuroVision, the annual cheese ball pop music competition. It's the worst. People just have parties and make fun of it for 3 hours every May.

I once saw an interview with Chuck Barris in one of the extras for Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (PS- i can not recommend this movie highly enough.) Chuck Barris says that a reviewer once called The Gong Show "The beginning of the decline of Western Civilization." In the light of the current popularity of reality television, i agree with said reviewer. But EuroVision is Europe's equivalent. And they've been hastening the decline of Western Civilization since 1955!

I won the quiz last night at J&J's with Brynn and a really cute gal from Illinois. What was her name? And a horrid, unfriendly bitch from Cleveland. Hate in Cleveland! I won like 7E. Our name was The Great Lakes. Brynn is from Liverpool and was bummed the name did not reflect his input. I told him it had nothing to do with me either. "I'm from f@#king New Jersey you a@#hole!" He got over it.

Will my luck continue tonight? We will put all 25 finalist countries in a hat, each throw in some Euros and pick a country. The winner gets the pot. I guess it's like Europe's Super Bowl.

Won't somebody please think of the children!
-Helen Lovejoy, the Simpsons

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