sábado, 7 de mayo de 2011


Well, I was only a kid, cruising around in a trance
Prisoner of fate, victim of circumstance
I was lined up for glory, but the tickets sold out in advance
The way the big wheel spins

Tonight is American Laura's Bday fest as she turns thirty. Holy Crap! She's my oldest friend here. Known her over 4 years. Nuts really. I think we meet at 17:00 for food and drink and then we're going to paint pottery at 20:00. Yes, i said paint pottery. Strange but true. It'll be a blast. All the usual suspects will be there. Heaps of women and Tim, Robert and i sitting back and taking it all in.

We spent a good part of class last night discussing the death OBL. We read an article about all the discrepancies in the initial reports; he used his wife as a human shield, etc. Then we watched this great video from the NY TIMES examining the reaction to OBL's death from a social science point of view. Follow the link, go to the 2nd photo on the left and click of the science of revenge.


Fascinating stuff, eh?

60F and rainy today. Then sunny and 73F manana. Then we hit the 80's on Lunes. Here comes summer?


Can you name the top three recording artists with the most consecutive gold or platinum albums?

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