miércoles, 18 de mayo de 2011


Ha! That sign is great. From Mel Brooks' History of the World, part 1.

"Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!" - Torquemada

Okay, so people are gathering in Puerta del Sol, protesting the upcoming local elections because people are sick of only having a tw party system; the PP (right) and PSOE (left, socialist.) PSOE has held the national presidency
since 2004.

Protests in Madrid:

I never really understand what they hope to accomplish when they strike here. It's kind of pointless and makes no sense. They want someone to blame for the economy. They forget there is a global recession. Last time i checked you still couldn't make money from thin air.

Bender Tuesday had a big crowd. It was a great time. Bay Side was there. She said she thinks her friend Jenny likes me.

"First we were lovers and now you're pimping me out?" I asked. "...Well, that's kind of awesome."

- - -

I saw that Ashton Kutchner will take over for Charlie Sheen in Two and a half Men. That show is terrible. I guess Kutchner can only make it better. At least he's a respectable actor. I was hoping Sheen would be replaced by someone more embarrassing,... like the freshly dug up corpse of Norman Fell.

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