miércoles, 25 de mayo de 2011

Heat Waves and then Gives You the Finger

Artist's rendition

So tired, but still awake. No work Friday night but i work late Mon thru Thurs. Almost done.

It's fucking hot! 29c (85F) today. Hot. Boxers are damp hot. It's going to be a hot summer.

Some like it hot.

Not me. Fuck that.

Work is cool. Things in general are cool, praise Jah!

7.5 hours manana then an easy Friday.

Listening to:
Bowie at the Beeb (live at the BBC 1968-79) - David Bowie
Temple of the Dog - Temple of the Dog
Pack up the Plantation - Tom Petty
Women and Children First - Van Halen

Memo to Fred Wilpon; Shut your trap, you pathetic moron loser. You are being sued because you endorsed him and put the Mets name on one of his funds. You're an idiot. And then you start bashing players. Way to demotivate the team!


I hope Budd Slugg announces MLB is taking over the Mets. You deserve it. And the Mets will be a better team in a shorter time if he does it. You are an embarrassment.

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