sábado, 21 de mayo de 2011

The Martian has landed

Roger the Alien


The Martian is in already in bed. We were up til 4:30 last night, watching Rush's Exit Stage Left. He dug it.

I worked and then met him at J&J's for the quiz. We came in 3rd. Respectable.

Today i woke at 12:30, he woke at 14:00. We went to Alcala Fusion, and then he went to watch rugby. I went to teach (ABT = Always Be Teaching.) Then i met him at Finnegans. Then we had spicier than hell curry in Lavapies. Then home. Then we played the card game 31 (after i taught him, i used to play this game every day when i lived with Terry in Jamaica. Maria and i played it a lot last Sept.) Listened to Black Country Communion, Van Morrison, and Yes.

He is my oldest friend on this rock (i think the natives call it Europa). It's been like 2 years since i've seen him. But it doesn't matter. We fall right back into it. Like i saw him last week.

Like it is with all you.

METS METS METS! Reyes saved the game. I am watching tonight. Met up 2 - 0. A chance to go above .500.

2-2. Whoors! Martin homered to left. Nice at bat.

For the record, Tim McCarver sucks ass as an announcer. Same with Joe Buck (Sccchhhhmuck!)

Burnett's on the mound. Granderson is a good player. Great really.

For zee record - i am okay with losing both Reyes and Beltran. If they can sign one, Reyes. Or not. Rebuilding your team; It's a bitch.


Yeah,.. i am done. So is McCarver, he's made two mistakes already and it's the f*&ing middle of the third. Sweet Baby Jar Jar Binks!!!

Life is a disease: sexually transmitted, and invariably fatal.
Neil Gaiman

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