martes, 23 de agosto de 2011

the lunatics run the ASSylum

In and out of darkness, in and out of sleep
trying to keep my hands upon the wheel.
Never saw the corner in the driving rain.
I never saw her step into the street.

All my life you lie silently there
All my life in a world so unfair
All my life and only I'll know why
and it will live inside of me,
I will never be free all my life,
trapped in her memory all my life
Till the day that you open your eyes,
please open your eyes

dreaming while you sleep
dreaming while you sleep

Looking for a flat here is hell. I put a fianza (deposit) on a flat last night. She said it was 400 E a month. I gave her 400, had her sign a piece of paper and got the keys. She had said she'd give them to me, and then said, "No - you can have them on the first," to which i replied; No way. She gave me the keys. I said i'd move in on the 1st. She asked, "will you have the rent?" Yes, i said i'd bring 400 E. She said, "No, 600." I said "What?" She had already shown me a room that was 600 and i said it was too much. She had said the room i was taking was only 400. She was trying to pull a fast one. The deposit was one month's rent, so why did she accept 400E? I took the money back, tore up the paper and gave her back the keys.

Liars. Double-dealers. Spanish people are horrible to do business with.

Look at La Liga;

The top Spanish Football League is on strike. Players are owed up to 72m Euros!
From ESPN:

Spain's bankruptcy law is also a problem as it allows insolvent clubs to re-negotiate or delay paying player salaries -- just like other outstanding debts -- while under bankruptcy protection. Spanish legislation expected to pass through parliament next month would relegate any insolvent club into the third division, although that wouldn't go into effect until the end of this season.

There are six topflight clubs and a number of second-division clubs in bankruptcy protection.

When the postponed games would be replayed is uncertain, with no free dates for rescheduling on the Spanish calendar before May.

So, no football til at least Sept.10th. And it's a Euro Cup year (games start in June) so it's going to be a bitch to reschedule. I know several people who work for Real Madrid in broadcasting. It's a big mess. Just like this country.

Well, if i can't find a flat i'll just stay here another month. If her daughters have no place to live - that isn't my problem. It's criminal to lie to someone and ask them to move after two weeks. According to Spanish law, i won't even have to pay. I can only play the hand i'm dealt. Sometimes i really miss home. But i will figure something out. I always do. At least it's Bender Tuesday.

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