domingo, 21 de agosto de 2011 the dogs

Every time i am editing a 'finished novel' i think; how the f@*k did i ever write all this? Am i insane?

Please don't answer that. That's always what self asks me in turn.

16 pages out of 176 single spaced pages edited. The font changes from 12 to 10, because sections are from a diary and should be 10.

99F today. It's been hotter this past week than the whole summer. That happened last year too.

Looking for flats. Hard to do cuz EVERYONE is out of town. Excepting me. Hate it.

I wish i was the dog in Wilfred. Life would be so much easier.

- - -

I saw Maria last night. It was lots of fun. She did her best to take my mind off of moving again. She's working on starting the business.

Back to the flat search!

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