domingo, 14 de agosto de 2011


ABIFF: Always Be In Front of a Fan. Ventilator en Espanol.

So hot. Always hot. It's only 81F but it's so muggy. It'll get to 90F. That's 32C. It's always in the 30's. Every day.


Well, i can move back to my own place tomorrow. It's St. Paloma's Festival manana and is a holiday. A Puente (Bridge). That's how they say "long weekend."

Okay. Swept and tidied up. Will take out the trash when i leave the flat. Lolo is fed and happy. I must shower and then get a cup of coffee and pan con tomate (Bread with a tomato and olive oil sauce on it.)

And then i'm off to Casa de Campo, a park, to meet this gal, Natalie. A date. We met online after she sent me a message. Her pic is cute and we talked on the phone and she seems very down to earth. So, why not meet for a drink? However, she's a got a 4 1/2 year old boy. She couldn't get a sitter. I told her no problem. So, yet another interesting development in the world of dating; having a 4 year old on a first date. Things just get trippier and trippier. But i'm fine with it. I love younglings and it's a great age. Annie's that age now. They've become little people with personalities.

And we're going to a grill place in the park. Barbecue is the fast lane to my heart.

& *&*&

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