miércoles, 31 de agosto de 2011

there's a gun in my mouth syndrome

Beelzebot - Futurama

So lazy - must get moving 14:24. Time for "there's a gun in my mouth syndrome" to get me moving. Up against the clock.

Time move on
time to get going
what lies ahead i have no way of knowing
under my feet babe
the grass is growing
time to move on
time to get going
-Tom Petty


I'm throwing away this fucking pillow. I bought it when i moved last October. It busted a seam and has been leaking stuffing for a year. Every morning i wake up in a cloud of fuzz next to my head. The first time i woke up i thought i was dead and in Heaven. Then i realized i didn't believe in heaven. Then i was hung over. Life's a bitch sometimes.

Be gone faulty pillow. i cast you out!

I really miss you all. Sorry to hear that Newtown is still powerless and waterless. Frig. What a drag.

I am the laziest person i ever met. But do have a new short story planned on my experience here; Agosto in el Infierno - August in Hell. Carrie, who's cat i watched for 10 days, my only solace this month, said she will right a foreward. So... i don't know....., maybe in a month. It'll be good to have a side project while i do a final edit of buying new soul.

Clean Jay! Clean! Then i'll reward you with one last meal at Acala Fusion. i've know these dudes a year. I know the waiters, the owners, everyone. I won't have much need to come back this way. I'll have to come for lunch sometime on the weekend. I'll bring a friend. Make an event of it. Good-bye barrio! Including a month in Getafe, i have lived in 5 different places since Sept. 1. 4 different places in this barrio, on both sides of Calle Alcala, the main drag. It's time for a change. I may even cut my hair. Or the land lady's throat. The second one makes a way more convincing argument.

end transmisson

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