martes, 9 de agosto de 2011

Epic Tales (three different ones)

the Kingslayer on the Iron Throne

Reading A Clash of King's by George R R Martin, the sequel to Game of Thrones ( i watched the series.) Very good, very dense, complex and it's a monster of a book at 1,000 pages. But who doesn't love war, incest, treachery, dragons and undead from the great winter lands to the North?

Speaking of epics; three hours of class today and then it's Bender Tuesday. Last night was so nice and cool. I slept without a fan. I taught Nicola how to play 31 at J&J's and it was so breezy we had to shut the side door to keep the cards from flying. I actually woke up cold. Oh joy, oh rapture!

No, not the Rapture, where the true Christians float up to heaven before the rise of the Anti-Christ.

Ascent! You're flying now! I hope I haven't missed the part where the three Chinese guys give perfume to the star baby.

Ah, I love your religion - for the crazy! Virgin birth, water into wine; it's like Harry Potter, but it causes genocide and bad folk music.

It's like the diaries of a madman!

-Roger the Alien, American Dad; in the parking lot of church on Christmas Eve, after Stan explains the Rapture to him.

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