sábado, 27 de agosto de 2011

All's Quiet....

The Space Jockey from Aliens (1979)

At least on the Internet. I guess i get most of my email traffic from the East Coast. So it's been quiet since 13:00. No spam. Nothing. Just quiet as Irene rattles the Coast. Sue and Annie were supposed to go to the Outer Banks, NC today. I am sure they did not go as that's where Irene made landfall. A big scary storm. I saw 3 people have already died in NC. I never saw the appeal of living in either of the Carolina's as they seem to get hammered by storms at least twice a decade. And then that asshole Karmanos buys the Whalers, uproots them to Raleigh and names the team; The Hurricanes. It was right after Hurricane Fran hit in 1996, causing $2.5b of damage and causing 14 deaths, the worst NC disaster ever. Moron!

On the count of three you will wake up feeling refreshed, as if Futurama had never been canceled by idiots, and then brought back by bigger idiots. One..., two....
-Bender, Futurama

Looking at a flat at 10 tonight. My fingers are crossed. As are my toes. And my wang.


Not my fault God hates me. But he doesn't really exist, And i do! IN YOUR FACE MEL GIBSON!

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