sábado, 6 de agosto de 2011

Lolo and Stretch


Moved into Carrie and Alberto's for a few days. I am taking care of Lolo, their cat, who used to be Mary's cat (she's a bartender at J&J's.) So i call him Lolo, cuz that's his name, and he calls me Stretch because i am a lot taller than him.


Notice to Rick Perry, Gov. of Texas; you're an ass. A prayer service? This is how you help the economy? How about telling your party not to be self-serving at the expense of the nation? And you're thinking of running for Pres. as another whacko religious right candidate? Trying to out-Bachmann the competition? You're an idiot. A sham. A con artist.

I can't believe the things i read in the paper. Has the world gone completely mad? Moreso than before?

must get Nemo home
must get Nemo home

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