martes, 30 de agosto de 2011

LIfe in Hell

i think i would have preferred the Suicide Booth.

This woman is still causing fights. Still a total bitch. She is the most miserable evil thing i've ever met, which is saying something! I told her i wanted my deposit tomorrow. She said when you give me the keys and leave tomorrow. I said, "i told you i leave on the first." She said, no - you said the 31st. She was lying.... again. I went crazy. I knocked over a chair. She told me to pick it up. I told her to fuck herself. But she had been scared after she hit me 2x last week. She was scared i would hit her. I don't hit women, even if they are stupid, evil, diseased whoors. I just glared at her. I made it well known i was at my limit. She said okay, "Thursday morning."

Hell. It never ends with this woman. But considering all she does is work once or twice a week and watch TV CONSTANTLY, or play video games with bad music that makes and irritating cat and baby noise every minute, i suppose her life is already hell.

And my venue changes in 48 hours.

Bender in Robot Hell:

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