jueves, 11 de agosto de 2011

Eggs and Pluto

I am always amazed at how much cat's like music, especially progressive rock. I have listened to virtually the entire Genesis catalogue with Lolo. He's just like Fripp. He sits, listens and just digs it. Extraordinary animals. these cat. I accidentally called him Pluto once (that's H & K's cat.) Lolo didn't seem to mind.


It's fucking 97F at 21:12. Ha! 2112! Rush Rules. You probably noticed the banner ad i threw up for Steven Wilson's second album. He's the driving force behind Porcupine Tree. The PT website said, "Hey, we'd really appreciate it if you could put this on your website," so i did. It was easy. I didn't know i could do that. But i guess i didn't have a reason to. Now i do.

Must go on terrace or i might die. I leave the music on for Lolo. It's Robert Fripp and the League of Crafty Guitarists - Intergalactic Boogie Express: Live in Europe 1991. 12 Acoustic guitars playing together. It's bonkers. It's busy as hell.

I still laugh when i think of Sue saying that Frippy walks out of Annie's bedroom when she starts playing Lady Ga Ga. The Force is strong in you, boy. Note: i do actually understand how a 4 year old likes Lady Ga Ga. What i don't get is how adults like her.

Egg in a pan. I'm frying like an egg in a pan.

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