miércoles, 3 de agosto de 2011

When heroes go down

When heroes go down
Man or woman revealed
You can't expect any kind of mercy
On the battlefield
-Suzanne Vega

It's not supposed to go past 87F today. Hooray. Monday evening we got the first rain since June 5th, when we got rained on in the park at the Gemini party.

Bachmann (Voter) Turnout Override
Okay, so the debt ceiling crisis is over. The Tea Baggers are claiming victory, but make no bones about it; they are not only retro-conservatives who want to go back to pre-WWI isolationism, but they are just unrealistic idiots. The Tea Party wants no new taxes, EVERY tax since Obama took office repealed and a balanced budget by 2012. It's in their 'manifesto' which was compiled by Internet voting. Unless Obama has an uncashed check for 14 trillion dollars in his desk, or a Harry Potter wand, it just ain't going to fucking happen. What a bunch of morons. Note to Michelle Bachman; instead of 'praying away the gay,' why don't you start 'praying the intolerant douche bag away.' It's a better business model. You could start with yourself and there's way more douche bags in the US than gay people. Just look at the 2010 Census.

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