jueves, 31 de mayo de 2012

The Sleestack

The Seester is doing well. Recovering, back at work, driving. Her knee gives her trouble now and then but it will pass with time. She's in great shape. Always very athletic. I'll always remember John McMahon and i driving Mel down to Chapel Hill, NC so Mel could try out for the US olympic team. It was the first stages of tryouts, but she survived three rounds until she was cut in the last one. Quite impressive. And three of us had a great time. Mel worked her ass off. And when it was over, i remember her seeming okay with it. She had gone farther than we had thought she would. And kudos to Mum for funding the whole thing. She wanted Mel to go, just because she was invited. I have such great memories of all that. i remember it like it was yesterday. 

SO it was great to chat with Mel. I haved missed all ye so much! It'll be good to be home. Home.

in a different direction;

August 2012
POLICE OFFICER: Do you have ID? What state are you from?"
ME (checks his wallet and pulls out license.) I am from... Connecticut."
POLICE OFFICER: Do you not know what state you are from? Have you been drinking and driving sir?"
ME - No i haven't been drinking..., it's just that.... (thinks about it) You know what, just give me a breathalyzer, it's easier than explaining.
(Me passes test)
Well, you're fine. You were just acting confused.
ME - No problems, officer. I just get confused sometimes.
POLICE OFFICER- (looks puzzled for a second but then goes back to his car)
ME (Nods, starts the car, and continues along 34 
past the Housatonic River, on way home to barbecue.) 


LA 1 NJ 1 - start of 3rd period

Ha! They are replacing the glass in NJ. That always used to happen back in the Meadowlands too. Ah.., like old times. 

Parise is a Dbag. He blatantly pushed the puck in with his hand. No goal. He should get a penality. 

Bugger! It's going to OT. I tap out. I go sleeping.


LA 2 NJ 1 F OT.  LA Leads Series 1 - 0

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