martes, 22 de mayo de 2012

Omnipotently Incompetent

22:12 LUNES

What a day! Got to the substitute class at 9:00. The receptionist came out and told me that it was supposed to start at 8:00. I said i was sorry but that the email i had been sent said 9:00. Then the lady at the Academy scolded me for being late because it was the president of the company. I apologized and explained the email had said 9:00 and that i can only be places when they tell me to be places. When Esperanza walked in she checked and admitted she had made a mistake. Just annoying.

Then the whiteboard wasn't working at the school where i teach the teachers. It wouldn't erase. In between classes i got some napkins and water and that did the trick. 

Three classes canceled between today and last night, but two of them will be made up. It's like living on an active fault line - you never know how much things will shift in 24 hours. It was cold today, like 46F when i left the house. Has not been that cold in a while. But the heat will come back by week's end. High 80's Thurs into the weekend. But may have to put on the heater tonight. When i woke up this morning at 7:30 it was really cold. 

Work at 8:00 manana. Buenos Noches!

14:54 MARTES

More of the same. I went to the bank today for the 2nd time to try and get access to my Spanish account. I spent 30 minutes Friday, got home and it didn't work. I spent 45 minutes today. It STILL doesn't work and they said they'll call me next week. 

I've always been in favor of euthanasia when the situation is clearly hopeless. Thusly, i say we give Spain one more year to get their house in order (it'll never happen, just give people time to flee like rats a sinking ship [kind of like me!].) And if they can't (and they won't) just nuke the whole peninsula. Portugal isn't much better, so no loss there. Hell, nuke Greece and Italy too while you are at it. If detonation takes place above the earth, radiation will disipate more quickly. Imagine all that beach front property in ten years time (after intial removal of everything that was fried, of course.) Southern Europe is sorely in need of a makeover.

I believe this is the best way to solve the EU crisis.

 "The desperate disease requires a dangerous remedy"
Guy Fawkes, 1605

Point me at the sky and let it fly
-Pink Floyd, 1968

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