viernes, 18 de mayo de 2012




Work manana at 9:00 and then not til 18:30. No worries. I have much to do during the day.

The Mets and the Nats are doing well in the NL East. I've been told that things are happening in the American League, i just don't care until October. But i hear rumors that the O's are in the lead in the AL East. But that can't be true. What.., was i born seven minutes ago? Am i to believe the Anti-Christ (Peter Angelos) rises in the AL East?

Still, the prospect of the Orioles in 1st does frighten me. I don't believe in a Biblical god, but if i'm wrong, i always figured he hated Baltimore too. I know i do.

We always create God in our own image. The Sumerians, Greeks, Romans (ripped off from the Greeks), etc. Ever since we first evolved out of the primordial ooze*, people have held the idea of a god to explain the things we cannot comprehend.

Okay. Good night, Sky People.


It was just one student today at the morning class, so we just talked about articles. It's a great class. All three of them are quite interactive. 

Devils tied up the Series with the Rangers, 1-1. I think the Devils will take the series. Brodeur is 40 and has something to prove. Devils in 7. And the Rangers will cave in for Game 7 because would be their 21st of the playoffs. Playoff hockey is grueling.

And my Western play off dark horse, the LA Kings are poised to sweep Phoenix and get to the Cup Finals for the first time since 1993, when they still had Gretzky. They lost to Montreal. I saw a Kings game back at Staples center when i thought we were moving to LA. It was cool. A lot of good hockey fans. 

Okay, i have a lot of stuff to do the size of my arm with an expiration date of August 9th. 

* I am required by legalities to state that this view is still contested in Kansas and Arkansas. These states claim that God had a starter kit and that the earth was assembled in 7 days. ¡Viva la libertad de expresión!

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