martes, 8 de mayo de 2012

Victory in Europe

MARTES 15:40

67 years ago Nazi germany was defeated by the Allies in the European Theatre. Hooray! SO much sacrifice on the part of so many. After 31 years leaders in Europe making terrible decisions, Europe is at peace. WWI paved the road to hell for WWII. Militarism on the part of the USA would change forever. It would become the world of the Korean War, Vietnam, Afghanistan (for the Sovets as well in the '80's,) Iraq (2x). 

And now something way less serious, but still heart smashing;


Game 5

It was an NHL Playoff miracle! My 8:30 class was canceled but i still get paid. I like it. This game is HUGE. I don't the Caps can win the series unless they win tonight. Holtby has been sensational in goal, but Lundquist may be the best in the league.

Rangers have controlled the play. Dbags. Rangers have out shot the caps 

13:41 1st

WSH 0 - NYR - 0

Shots - WSH 1 NYR 7. Not good. Opposite of Saturday. Time to reverse the polarity!

11: 11 1st

9:07 1st  Rangers score. Stalman. Holtby was screened and fooled and Hendricks made a mistake. Life's a bitch then you die. 

WSH 0 - NYR -1 

WSH has not won a game they have not scored first in. Hogwash!  I don't believe in such garbage. But i may put my Caps jersey on. 

I did. Reverse the polarity the only way i know how. Chimera shoots, save Lundquist. 


Power Play Caps. Tirpping, Del Zotto.   

WSH 0 - NYR 1 End 1st

Shots: WSH 4, NYR 17

The Caps are to come out of that bloodbath only down 1 - 0. It's been a brutal Eastern Conference defensive series. Over 184 shots block through four games for both teams combined. 

I am watching CBC from Toronto. I've also watched the playoffs on NBC, MSNBC and some Russian Station that was in the Cyrillic alphabet. 

Don Cherry is this crazy CBC color man who is on Coach's Corner during the 1st Intermission. He's like watching your obnoxious / drunk Uncle talk about sports for 5 minutes. Don Cherry always runs over his allotted time. 

Now they show a video tribute to Dale Hunter, the Caps coach. He was a bad ass player, a thug, sometimes dirty, but a game changer. But he did do some horrible things, like in 1993, the cheap shot on Pierre Turgeon (after he scored) in the playoffs versus the Islanders. That was despicable. He was suspended for 21 games, at the time the longest ban ever.  It was a disgusting play and a severe blow to a Isles that would be without Turgeon. 

2nd Period 

Caps need more shots on goal. 

Fuck. Green takes a penalty. PP NYR. Yikes. So many changes for NYR. 

It's 2:35 CET +2  time. 

i'm getting to old for this. I need sports to be on at a sane time. After August, they will be.

Laich scores! Yeah, my bitches!

WSH 1 - NYR 1.

OT WSH 2 - NYR 2 Richards scores with 6 seconds left to tie it up for NYR.

4:29 CET +2

Fuck me. NYR score. Stahl on the power play.


The ward double minor killed them. Wow. The tying goal was a power play goal and the winner was on the PP in OT. They will really have to show some balls to win this series. A devastating loss. But this is the Caps. I've seen it all before. Now i sleep.

Holtby after Overtime loss Monday in game 5.

series: NYR 3 WSH 2.

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