miércoles, 16 de mayo de 2012

San Isidro


Is that no or yes?
We'll have to guess
Mysterious eyes let you see what you want
Half the time you didn't know any better
But half the time you did
Hanging around like tomorrow doesn't apply to you

-Liz Phair

San Isidro manana, the patron saint of Madrid. So only one class at 13:00 and that's it. SO manana is another holiday. It never ends. 


It's too hot in here. I'll go for a walk til the sun goes down. Then i can use some sleep. The WSH/NYR series took its toll on me. And the Europa Liga Final. Too many nights where i was up til 5 am.

I go walking.


Yesterday was the holiday. The Welsh Witch and i worked on editting the novel and then we're going to go to J&J's but it was closed! They forgot to tell me they were closed. How did no one think of that? So, the Welsh Witch and i celebrated it on our own. 

traditional dress for San Isidro

Had class at 8:30 am. Two more this evening, starting at 17:30. We have mercifully cooled off and it's lovely after a blistering 90F / 30C weekend.

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