domingo, 27 de mayo de 2012

storm on the horizon

It was then I knew I'd had enough,
Burned my credit card for fuel
Headed out to where the pavement turns to sand
With a one-way ticket to the land of truth
And my suitcase in my hand
How I lost my friends I still don't understand.
They had the best selection,
They were poisoned with protection
There was nothing that they needed,
Nothing left to find
They were lost in rock formations
Or became park bench mutations
On the sidewalks and in the stations
They were waiting, waiting.
-Neil Young

Every day the news gets worse. I've never experienced anything like this before, and i've been through a lot of shit in my days. But all the time the news about Spain's egg fragile economy gets worse. I worry about all my friends here. Things are going to get a lot worse before they turn the corner.

Personally, all is well. But at the end of the day, it's clear to see that civilization could unravel quicker than we ever could imagine.

I really need to stop reading so much post-apocalyptic fiction. But i'm currently reading  The Postman by David Brin and it's very good.

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