miércoles, 2 de mayo de 2012

Out of Exile


Game 2


WAS takes a stupid penalty (Hamrlik.)

Penalty killed. 

The puck got behind Holtby and he didn't know where it was but Hendricks pulled teh puck out of the crease. What a play! Holtby thought the puck was still under him.

8:15 1st

The crowd is chanting "Ovie Sucks!" There's a giveaway, Knuble scores! The 4th line. 


PP for the Caps. NYR had too many men on the ice. First power play of the game for WAS. This is big.

WAS PP looks good but NYR are playing great defense. A nice penalty kill for them.

Break away for NYR. Holtby stops it! WAS scores! Chimera.


Now there are some fisticuffs. 4 on 4 hockey. NYR scores. Laitch makes a bad change.


It's been a frantic game. Lots of good action.  Green takes a bad penalty. The crowd is getting back into it. 

WAS 2 NYR 1 end 1st.

I 'm watching the game on a MSNBC feed, but it's on Russian TV. That is one crazy language!

Today is Labor Day/Worker's Day, a holiday. 

WAS 2 NYR 1 end 2nd

WAS 2 NYR 1   15:37 3rd

C'mon Caps. 

Shit. Knuble takes a penalty. Rangers score on the PP.

WAS 2 NYR 2   12:58 3rd 

This is bad. 

WAS has a power play with 8:02 left in the 3rd. It's edge of my bed time.

Face off won by WAS, back to Ovie, he scores on the PP. Ovechkin scores with a laser of a shot.


NYR put a lot of pressure on the Caps once they pulled the goaltender. But the Caps hang on 3-2.

Series tied 1 - 1

See you in Washington on Wed.


It was a star studded, massive Bender Tuesday crowd. It started at 17:00  with happy hour til 20:00, and ended at 00:00. Lots of fun. I am going to miss Bender Tuesdays. Everyone was there; Laura, Tim, Starbuck (the Shitzu) Gøran behind the bar, Carla Erin, Derrick, Neil, Niamh, and Vicky. 

I teach Menchu at 18:00. Then maybe just come home at 20:00. The Caps play game 3 tonight at 1:30. 

Lastly, here's the new blog come August


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