domingo, 13 de mayo de 2012

Riders on the Storm

Caps lose. Bummer. 

Lots of protests yesterday in response to budget cuts. The country is a madhouse. People marched through the streets drinking beer and then throwing them on the ground. Not sure how that helps the recession.

It was also Laura's bridal shower and i met them afterwards at JJ's. It was more like a hen party/ bachelortte party. It was crazy! The things my eyes hath seen. 

And that is a story will tell manana. I still have to understand how to explain what actually happened. It was surreal. 

Sleep well my friends. And happy Mother's Day to all of you moms out there. Especially mine. I suppose the woman will be sainted when the time comes, but Mel and i believe her Will might state that she rejects it and refers to the Pope as a wanker. 

Bless you Mum!

Spoke with Mum, Mel and Janet today. That was fun. Mel is doing quite well and is without crutches. She barebcued a pork loin.

Hung out with Maria in the park this evening. That was very fun. It had finally cooled off and was lovely out.

Time moves by. Time to finally rest my eyeballs. 

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