sábado, 19 de mayo de 2012

Speaking Greek

sabado 19:30

What will happen with Greece, which has become Europe's version of Snooki? I think they will leave the EU. It's a bad situation for everyone involved, including the USA. The entire global market will be affected. 

Okay - off to have dinner by the Welsh Witch and watch the Champions League final. As a Spurs fan, i abhor Chelsea. Vamos Bayern Munchen! And my friends Gabby and Volker are Bayern Fans. He might be at the game.

domingo 3:25

Vicky made some great pizzas and we watched the game. Bayern was the better team all game. They scored about the 80 minute mark. And then Chelsea scored in the 86th minute. It went to an excruciatingly boring extra 30 minutes and then Chelsea won on penalties. Bastards. 

Sleepy time. 

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