sábado, 5 de mayo de 2012

Don't Call Me

"Don't call me daughter..."
-Pearl Jam

Vicky came over last night to watch Game of Thrones (she has no Internet and is a GOT Junkie, like so many of us.)

Tonite i am going to a birthday party for Luis, the bassist for From Lost to the River. Fernando (guitar) will be there too. It's where we used to practice. A big jam i guess. 

I am listening to Pearl Jam's Vs. album for maybe the first time in a decade. I used to really like it. That was like twenty years ago.

"Don't call me fucker..."


I'm gonna grill some swordfish a la plancha (like a grill pan) and then watch game 4 at 6:30. A 12:30 start EST is great for we CET +1 folks. 

MY room is very clean. Manana tackle under the bed with all my cymbals, stands and other assorted crap. I'going to have to have one of the gals come over and help me go thru my clothes- what's out of style etc. People here can use the clothes. There boxes all over Madrid where you can donate clothes. And i have too much to bring back. 

Even with all the moves, i have accumulated a lot of shit in 5+ years. 

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