domingo, 6 de mayo de 2012

all tied up

May 4th is Laura's Bday, so i organized LAURA FEST manana at Mughul, our favorite Indian place for lunch. There'll be at least 8 of us. She's my favorite spicy bitch, so i thought curry fit the bill. 

Make that 9 people. BookFace is constantly updating me. 

Am i in the loop? Or just looped?

Ovechkin scored in the 1st period. The Caps dominated. But NYR seems to have found their legs in the 2nd. Ansimov scored, NYR 1 WSH 1. This game is do or cry for WSH. They can't expect to come back down 3 games to 1 with two more games in NY. That's too much to ask.

13:22 2nd. 

NY is dictating the play. The Caps need to turn this around. Fuck. Ward for holding. NYR PP.

Monica (Babylon Sister 2) just called about making a cake for Laura for manana. I said "that's a great idea!"
Everybody's pitching in. We are a giant dysfunctional family of people from different countries. 

WSH Scores! Backstrom

Howard Stern is going to be on America's Got Talent? That sounds brilliant. Will he knife fight Sharon Osbourne? We can only hope.

Fuck! Gaborik scores. 2 - 2. The icing was waved off. The Caps should have pursued it harder.  You can't stop on a play. This is bad. It's been all Caps. They need to survive this and come back smarter and with more energy in the 3rd. The series is on the line.

The Kings are moving on as i thought they would, if they can close out STL in Los Angeles manana. 

WSH needs to have a big 3rd period but i still believe they can win this series.

And PHX will get past NSH (why do Arizona and Tenn. have ice hockey teams?)

I'd love to see NJ beat PHI, but i don't know if they can pull it off. I'm going to say they will.

So i'll say WSH / NJ and PHX / LA. 

The Kentucky Derby is today, NBC tells me. I always forget that Kentucky is famous for something other than baseball bats and bourbon. 

I've got my original red Caps jersey on, the first jerseys they ever wore.  Ahh..., sports superstitions. We are all a bunch of idiots. 


No shots on goal this period. Shades of Wednesday night?

Knuble drives to the net but it does not count. Lundquist goes down but it does not go in and no penalty. It's getting chippy. Save by Lundquist! Back down to the other end. End to end hockey. 


What a save by Henrik. Dickhead. 

Green scores on a Caps Power Play. 



Icing. Face off in the Caps zone. 



Rangers have 6 skaters on the ice for about a minute but the Caps win! Series tied 2 - 2 going back to NY.

C-A-P-S, CAPS CAPS CAPS! All those years in NOVA. I've been a Caps fan for the past 15 years. I've seen good years and very lean ones. The good years are better.

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