miércoles, 23 de mayo de 2012


Just another Andy Warhol Wednesday. They all blend into each other. On the spur of the moment, i saw Cara tonight after class. She is usually at her boyfriend's a ways away. But we sat on a terrace and caught up. This time of year, all the bars have outside service.

Joe Satriani is a fantastic guitarist. A monster. Ridiculous technique, but with soul. Sometimes the technical masters lack soul. But Satch, he has it. The song, Revelations, is a masterpiece, played all on a delay, which is unreal. I've seen him do it live. My mouth was agape. I heard angels sing. 

Teach Juan manana a las 8:00. He's a very interesting guy. He works for a large construction company. He's come a long way in a short amount of time. We just free-style talked on Tues. about current events. I had all sorts of stuff prepared but I mentioned something at the coffee machine and he just ran with it. He is quite knowledgable and a pleasure to teach. 

I'm going to miss so many of my students. But that's a nice thing. Forward. Things are always moving forward. Time moves on. More or less, it's evolution.

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