jueves, 17 de mayo de 2012

Strange Stories


Elizabeth Hurley as Beelzebub in BEDAZZLED 
Fallen angel

Who's your saviour tonight

You're surrounded
by these walls
and neon lights

Hungry people
move like waves
behind the beat

Where's the big drum

Where's the feel
of body heat

Where's the big drum

Where's the feel
of body heat

-Neil Young

Sabado, 12 Mayo 14:00

It was a day that will live in infamy. Or another day that will be infamous, at least.

They started at 14:00. I saw them at 18:30 and Bayside, American L Babylon 2 and the others were hammered. The Welsh Witch and bunch of others were all fine. A few of the gals had already barfed. Then a bunch of Spanish guys wandered in to the bar - it was a bachelor party. It was pandemonium. And then Babylon 2 asked if The Witch and i were 'together.' We both told her 'no.' Later on, she said to me as she and i were walking to the next bar, "i thought you were together! You have to make a move. You have to this..." She grabbed my face and thrust her boobs and crotch into and pinned me against the wall. She is not a petite girl and i was pinned. "I think i can handle it!" i said and eventually got her off me. Then i quickly made an excuse to leave and went home. 

When will someone love me for my mind and not my smoking hot ass?
- - - 
Okay, for this blog (deafdrummer), here's the all time stats;

Pageviews by Countries


United States 9401
Spain 1814
Russia 400
United Kingdom 397
Germany 261
Canada 199
Ukraine 82
Mexico 73
India 70
France 68

Russia? UK? Germany? Canada? They must be from Internet Spiders that search the web, or people who randomly find the blog.
I haven't given the address to ANYONE here in Spain, so those are either all me or more random folks. Intriguing. I never knew the blog had this feature.

In very good news, my long time student and friend, Monica, and her husband, are pregnant with their first child! Due in November.
She's awesome so that made me very happy. I will really miss her when i leave. She's been a student for 3 years. 

I have about 5 major tasks to do this weekend that i have been putting off for a few weeks. 

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