miércoles, 21 de septiembre de 2011

Cold Blooded

So tired. But a good day. Worked and then cooked a new thing i tried that i now call Sopa de Almejas (clams). I get this all natural Sopa de Pez (Fish Soup) and cook it with angel hair pasta (that's pre-cut up into bitty pieces here.) They call the size zero. Loco Europeans. Then i add steamed black clams (the shell is black.) They are a bit 'gamier' than the white clams, but i quite like them. Mel and i were eating clams off the half shell when we were kids. At Nana's father's place. He always signed his cards Gramps the Great! Now that's balls to announce yourself as such.

Also, i'm quitting my summer job at www.rhyming_insults.com, so i no longer have to right crap like this;

you're still a dirt ball
even though you made bail
cuz your mother was your father
cuz they were the same snail

i know. i know. Cold blooded. But it's a living. Thankfully for all of us, teaching is back.

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