jueves, 29 de septiembre de 2011

Thank You

For everything. To all of my friends on both continents. There are times when i feel like the luckiest person on earth. So thanks. Logically, i know that part of it is my own attitude, but without you all, it wouldn't mean anything.

I have always depended on the kindness of strangers -Blanche Dubois

Don't mean to be all mushariffic, but indulge an old man for six hundred and sixty-six seconds.

Flat is cool. I just cooked egg salad and Marcondes walked in the kitchen. He always cooks for Eduardo and i. I was like, "have some." He said no he was full. I hard-boiled six eggs and only peeled two, but i had way more than enough to make a very hefty sandwich. He came back into the kitchen when i was making my sandwich and i offered again. He asked for some bread and made himself a mighty sandwich. Last night i used a plancha (like a BBQ pan) and made gambas con ajo (shrimp with garlic.) He had some too. Tonight he was like, "you are a very good cook." And i was like, thist was eggs and garlic a la plancha, Hellman's Mayonaise and and Bimbo (yes, i said BIMBO, bread.) It's sliced bread with the crust, cuz they buy it without the crust here too (isn't that your mom's job, to cut off the crust?- how else would we know you love us?) But Marconde'ss cooking is kick ass and he feeds me constantly, so i am happy to share any time i cook. I always cook enough for two. If i don't have leftovers it's not a problem.

Last night was a legendary night for baseball. Just awesome. Could i hate two baseball teams any more than Boston and Atlanta?
MeThinks no.

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