lunes, 26 de septiembre de 2011

Lucky Bastards

Nicola and I (Carrie background) at the Grand Re-opening of Barbaroi, Sept 8th.

7,ooo page views! Thanks all. Monday! Back to work. The Seahawks actually won a game and i watched it. But watching an NFC West matchup is like watching a prisoner being interrogated - it's a grim affair. And when it's over, you just feel dirty. But they won and the defense looked good. But unless Jackson was chased out of the pocket, he just looked lost. The O line is a work in progress so they need to have Tavarus scrambling. Does anyone remember Jim Zorn? Anyone? That's why they chose him for an expansion team back in the 70's, because he could scramble.

And i fell asleep during the Boston/Yankee 14 inning affair. Boston with a wafer thin 1 game lead over Tampa with 3 to play. They got lucky.

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