viernes, 23 de septiembre de 2011

Trolling the Archives; part i

The Last Supper of Zowie, Feb. 2011

So now that BookFace has changed their format again (does Mark Zuckerberg have A.D.D? They change their format every six months!) so i can save other people's pics again. So.... For the next few weeks i'll be trolling through the archives, bringing you the dizzying highs and the terrifying lows. Zowie is standing far left. She went back to England and got married to Paul (right, standing, black shirt.)

Next week, on the 26th of September, the release of a new Steve Hackett album, Beyond the Shrouded Horizon and the Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree) Album, Grace for Drowning. It's been a pretty lean year for music as far as i'm concerned, but maybe this will kick it up a notch.

REM called it quits. They were an influential force, but they really hadn't done much of note in the past 15 years. And now that they've finally finished that $80m record deal they had, it was time. Life's Rich Pageant was great. Automatic for the People is their best. I always liked New Adventure's in Hi Fi because a lot of it was recorded with their live lineup and it's very experimental, even for them. It was their last album (1996) that i cared about. I'm listening to New Adventures right now and i still like it. I'm also like, Dude! i haven't put on an REM album in probably a decade!

Esta Viernes! No work today or this weekend. Back to it on Monday. i am just going to take it slow this weekend. Working a 7 hour day was a shock to the system. But i am tired off living hoof to mouth, so give me all the work you can baby!

Just in case you're playing at home;

Michele Bachmann still sucks. i've read that they don't even ask her questions anymore at the debates.
The Red Sox and the Braves are still sinking like a stone. Oh joy, O rapture! My two most hated baseball teams ever!

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