domingo, 4 de septiembre de 2011

get out of the way

Where the hell's the picture?

Get out of the way fat man

This is what i say everyday as i walk thru the streets or the super market. No one watches where they walk. No one stays to the right. It's total anarchy. Total.

Go West young man
Earn a dollar a day just like your family said.

i know. i know. i'd like to come back west. But i can't live on $1 a day. Soon my pretties. Soon.

Susana's party was great. I am on the mend i believe. Not 100%. Maybe 80%. But its a far cry from where i was two days ago.

Music to move in by;
Live at the Lyceum, London, May 8, 1980 - Genesis
Soup - Stickmen
Led Zeppelin IV
Live in NYC, 8-3-2002 - The Who

I saw Alberto and Carrie last night. They said Lolo (the cat) always asks for me.

It's always nice to be loved.

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