viernes, 2 de septiembre de 2011


I am the Tortoise (Galapagos)

After a nice quiet night home, i awoke up in AM with the Barking But. It happens sometimes. It could just be stress too. It's been a pretty intense past two weeks. But Miguel Angel said he can't have class today which is this has taken a lot out of me. It's happened before where after a move and all the stress i poop most of my organs out. They grow back. Perchance i just needed "to let all that shit go..." from living with the Mad Ecuadorian.

I don't feel much like eating. We'll get there later. I am in bed, listening to Brian Eno's Ambient 1: Music for Airports. I don't feel much like totally unpacking.

Maybe more sleeping. No one is going to start banging on the door like a lunatic.


Yick. i just vomited nothing but liquid, which is all i've had today. I two Powerade like isotonic drinks and a bottle of water. The Powerade was bright blue, both ways. And i never vomit. Ugh. Luckily everyone's at work. I looked like a Star Trek creature getting sick after a bender.


Never would have made class. Not expecting to make Caitriona's going away party tonight. She's going back to Ireland to become a vet. Hot - cold - hot -cold. I probably should eat but the thought is appalling. Solid food. Ugh.

Wow, i haven't been this knocked out in ages. Ooooh - it was last Xmas. Thought i was going to die.

Must go get Powerade and Pasta. My feet are kind of numb. I'll walk around the house first as a test. Stupid fucking motor skills!

I've held down 8 oz of water. Recovery?


No party for Caitriona for me. I can see her another time before she goes.

All i've eaten is chicken soup. It was great. Problem is it's very green as it exits. I'm puking and pooing blue and green! I'm a Seahawks fan, but this is ridiculous!


i think i am on the mend. i will attend Susana's going away party tonite, even if i don't stay long.
But i held down chicken soup with crackers. Boo yeah!

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