jueves, 8 de septiembre de 2011

Hot Again


We got a rare 5PM start in Florida tonight. That's 23:00 here so that's a great time. I can't believe they are getting a new stadium down there. I wonder if they  will start to become popular and profitable. They have two World Series championships down there, but no one seems to care.

Music to settle in by;
Somewhere in London - Marillion
Sailing to Philadelphia - Mark Knopler
Ragged Glory - Neil Young
In My Tribe - 10,000 Maniacs
Live in Basil '72 - Genesis
Live in Cap  D'Agade '82 - King Crimson
Le Noise - Neil Young
Arriving Somewhere - Porcupine Tree

It was 93F today. Unusually hot, but it was like this last summer. I was dying last year at Maria's with all the windows closed in the house because of the cats (it's the second floor and Bichito can jump.90's every day  for the next week is the prediction. Tomorrow (Barclays) is the last day i have to wear pants this week. i'm out  0f sweat! I can't sweat any more! At least it drops at night. It's 75F right now. It'll go down to 60F.

JUEVES  2:04

Got class manana at 11:oo. Then 15:30. Then 18:00. Night to all of ye. 


18:00 class was cancelled. That's life. Off to see Vincennte and the crew at Barbaroi as they come back from vacation and open up for the 2011 - 2012 temporada (season). 34C today. That's 93F. It's wrong is what it is. Wrong.

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