viernes, 9 de septiembre de 2011

Viernes perezoso

Lazy Friday. No work. Great time last night at the reopening of Barbaroi (It means foreigner, and the word barbarian comes from it.) The place looks great. And i found out Vincente and his wife (owners) are expecting their first baby in January. It's a girl.

I am 920 pages into A STORM OF SWORDS, Book 3 of George R R Martin's mammoth A Song of Ice and Fire Series. And i've still got 200 pages to go. But it's fantastic.  I never thought there would be an heir to The Lord of the Rings, but Martin has done it. Two more books to go once this one is done.              

Tomorrow i have an language intercambio (exchange) with a gal named Silvia. The idea is i'll help her with English and she'll help me with Spanish. Never met her. It came thru American Laura.

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