viernes, 23 de septiembre de 2011

welcome to the neighborhood

King for a Day; Sofia and i. Xmas 2009

Okay. Clean room. Unpack last stuff from last suitcases. No more loafing. We're coming up the heart of the school year. Lots of classes. Do this shite now or you'll never get it done come Octubre. My Spanish is improving, by the way. And then, later, time to get back to editing Buying New Soul. I love books, but they take fucking forever to write. But i miss it. However the blog has been a great thing for me. Always writing, Everyday. It becomes nature. A force of habit. It's kind of been like a diary for the past 4 years, something i had never done for more than two weeks before this.


I talked to Charlie (Mel's old flame, back when she still dated men) today on BookFace. I hadn't talked to him in ages. He is living in Sydney Australia with his wife, Michelle, and their 3 year old, Rob. She's from the Philippines (this word is a bitch to spell - i couldn't figure it out, used the dictionary on my Mac) i think.
ME: What the hell are you doing in Australia?
CHARLIE: And you're in Madrid? How'd you get there?

Small world. SO much smaller than i ever thought.

SABADO 00:57

Spanking Season
Time to watch the Yankees spank the Red Sox, Tampa spank Toronto and Washington Spank Atlanta and St. Louis spank Chicago. Seems like ages since playoff spots were coming down to the wire like this year. 1:00 is the baseball hour. My whole world is upside down! And i live in the south now, not the north, so Metro has been a bitch the last few weeks. New trains, new stations. But i like it here. I like the house, the guys and the area. It's got EVERYTHING as far as shops, markets, etc. Javi, my 13 year old student lives just a few blocks away. The other day he was my last class and i was like..., wow, i'm already home.

Oh Frig a pig! rain delay in NYC. Bitches brew! i salivate just thinking about the Yanks sticking a fork in the Red Sox. If it rains for two days they'll have to play a Triple Header on Sunday and the Sox will lose all three games.

They said the Red Sox / Yankees game has been postponed. Double-dip on Sunday.

i am in bed watching baseball (TB/TOR.) Hooray! Weekend! Thursday was hot, but now we were 84F today and they claim only 80F manana. if so, i'll go for a walk and explore the new 'hood.

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