viernes, 13 de julio de 2012

Amazing things

Let's dance tonight
To a virtual song
Press this key
And you can play along

Let's fly tonight
On our virtual wings
Press this key
To see amazing things


Man, saying good-bye to students you've had for three years sucks. Stupid fucking emotionsBeing a teacher is the most rewarding thing i've ever done. And when a grown man from Barclays (who couldn't speak English well a few years ago) gives you a hug on the last day of class, well, it's an amazing thing.

I am doing the quiz at J&J again tonight. The categories;
THE END OF THE WORLD (in Lit. and Movies)

More re-writes today! Then class at 19:00. Quiz at 23:00. 

The other night i listened to the soundtrack made up of all the songs quotes from the novel. It was awesome. A very wide range of music. 

Time for lunch. Me voy!

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